Our Services

Swingform currently offers three distinct subscription services to our members. 

Below you will find a detailed account of what each of these services offer.

Subscribing to any service grants the User free entry into any Fantasy Competition going on in that week.

The amount of stats and data on offer is exactly the same across all three Services. Which is as follows:

After subscribing to any of our services you will have access to a Ranksheet for each Tournament held within the week. The Ranksheet lists all players from each event with categories of data for each player. These categories include CI, CCI, 3sCI, 6sCI, LP, SI & Rank, (to understand what each of these categories means please see the Professional Golfers Competitive Index User Guide).

By clicking on a Player Name in the Ranksheet, you can access each Players Page, one of our latest developments at Swingform.  Within this service your Datasheet becomes a gateway to over ten years of archival information, all within the click of a button. You will find Full Results, Graphs, Comparison Tests and much more for every single player.

Publication times are as follows for all services:
Our Data and Tips are usually published around 7pm (UK time) on the Tuesday before the event.

The only difference between each of our services, is in the amount of recommended Tips offered.  These are as follows: 

£3 Per Week

In this service you will receive the Tip’s of the Week, usually in the form of three Each Way recommendations from each event.

£6 Per Week

You will receive the same Tip’s of the Week as offered in the Have A Go Hero Service, with an additional Matchbet recommendation from each event.

A Matchbet is a popular type of bet offered by bookmakers consisting of just two players in a head to head match over the duration of the tournament.

£9 Per Week

The Gold service receives the same Tip’s of the Week along with the Match Bet of the previous services.  In the Gold there are also three or four additional Tips offered from each Tournament. Some weeks there may be also Tips offered from secondary and worldwide tours that would not be available in the Bronze or Silver services.