In Detail

This website has been designed to help anyone who has an interest in predicting the outcome of a professional golf tournament. All The Major's and World Golf Championships are featured along with every event from The European and PGA Tours throughout the year.  The database also has the size and capability to publish data on events going on anywhere else in the World - be it The Challenge Tour, Sunshine Tour, Japanese Tour or Nationwide Tour.

The Swingform databse and website was created under the belief that the many statistics available on professional golf today are of very little use to the punter.  Stroke averages for instance, are totally misleading until we know where and in what conditions all the rounds of all the players were played in, and who has the time or resources to find that out!?

Also, how does knowing a players sand save ratio, or how far he hits his driver improve your chances of knowing how he's going to perform TODAY, on THIS COURSE ? Hardly, if at all!

The golf punter has it tough, left to pick winners from fields in excess of 150 each week. Having to consider fierce competition from a broad spectrum of ages, shapes and sizes, with new faces appearing on tour frequently from any corner of the globe. The seemingly generous odds are, statistically proven, anything but.

If a punter is to beat such odds on a regular basis they need better information. That information would need to be fresh, clear, accurate and relevant.

Within this website you will see in operation a diverse and totally unique rating system. Since the year 2000 every round of competitive professional golf from each player has been taken into consideration. The results is a database of over 4000 golfers, now each with their own set up to date ratings.

These figures will be clearest indication of a players form, ability and chances for the week you will have seen.  If you're interested and would like to learn more why not visit The User Guide page, where you can find download links to information pages which should help you familiarise yourself the process of joining, subscribing, viewing data along with a glossary of all the figures and terms we use.